Vision Solutions

We live in an amazing time of advancing technology with more solutions for correcting vision than ever before! We offer the most technologically advanced spectacle and contact lens options on the market today. Your visual needs are individually specific to you and how you use your eyes. Come in and visit us and we can determine what the perfect solution is for you!

Optical/Frame Gallery

We house a state-of-the-art lab and optical gallery within our facility. Our optical gallery has hundreds of stylish frames available for patients of all ages – even babies! We have frames that are needed for any facet of life including dress (everyday) eyewear, sunglasses, safety eyewear (Z87.1 ANSI standard), sports/recreational eyewear, and more.

We have an extraordinary group of opticians who have decades of combined experience in the optical industry. They work with our doctors to help you determine the right choices for your individual needs. They are here to help you from the start of choosing the most appropriate frame for your face shape to which lens treatments and options will help you perform your best no matter what your day-to-day tasks may be. Our opticians are trained to properly fit your eyewear and measure you for the lenses prescribed allowing you to achieve the best possible visual outcome. Many of our patients tell us that they had fun picking out their new eyewear! That is the ultimate compliment – providing great service while having fun.


Did you know that the average person has at least 3 pairs of glasses today? They have sunglasses, everyday glasses and computer/personal device glasses! Sometimes there is a need for task specific glasses such as playing a musical instrument, professions that look above their heads (pilots, electricians, plumbers, etc), hunting/fishing, knitting/crochet, woodworking/welding, etc. Our opticians can help you make your life easier, just let us know what you love to do!

Choosing the right frame is important from a fashion standpoint and a function standpoint. We want your glasses to look great on you, feel light and comfortable, and give you the best vision possible.
We offer a wide range of eyewear solutions including dress (everyday) eyewear, sunglasses, safety eyewear (Z87.1 ANSI standard), sports/recreational eyewear, prescription swim goggles and more.

Optical Sunglasses

Brands of Eyewear

Your style is unique. There is no one quite like you. Your glasses should be individualized to you and reflect your personality! They are as much a part of your style as the clothes and shoes that you wear! We enjoy making choosing your eyewear a fun experience for you.

We carry many different brands of eyewear. We have many recognizable brands for those who are fashion-forward. We also have frame options for the person who may not put as much value on a brand name, but may appreciate what a brand offers such as buy a frame/donate a frame programs and other philanthropic programs.

No matter what your style is, we have a frame to suit your individuality! .


Lenses Treatments and Options

Choosing the appropriate lenses and lens treatments for you are just as important as having the right prescription.  We have lenses that allow you to:

Contact Lenses

Contact lens technology continues to offer more opportunities to achieve clear vision without the need for glasses.   There are more contact lens options available today than ever before including:
As  patient’s lives have gotten busier, there has been a shift in contact lens wear toward daily disposable contact lenses (throw away daily).  Daily disposable contact lens wear allows the patient the peace of mind knowing that they are getting a fresh, clean contact lens on their eye everyday minimizing the risk of infection, decreasing the hassle of contact lens solution and remembering when to change them, and guaranteeing the best vision possible.  Daily disposable contact lenses are available in more prescriptions now than ever and include nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, multifocal (seeing distance and near), and colored contact lens options.
Toric contact lenses are designed to correct astigmatism.  There are now many contact lens options for patients with astigmatism including daily disposable, extended wear, and color contacts.
Multifocal contact lenses have technology that allows a patient to focus at distance and near without the need for reading glasses. As our lives have incorporated more device use, multifocal contact lenses are becoming more helpful.
Whether you feel like changing your eye color or just enhancing your natural eye color, there are many different options available.  Color changing and enhancing contacts are also conveniently available in daily disposable options.
RGP contact lenses are made of harder materials and are sometimes necessary to achieve the best vision.  They are available in many different types of materials and are custom made for each individual based on the patient needs.  RGP contacts are available in distance, bifocal and multifocal designs.
There are some eye conditions that require specialty contact lenses.  Our office is one of the few that offer this service.  Patients who have keratoconus or irregularly shaped corneas secondary to injury typically require specialty contact lens fitting and design.

Contact Lens Fitting

Our doctors fit and evaluate all types of contact lenses to include specialty contact lenses for keratoconus and other irregularly shaped corneas secondary to injury.  They assess a patient’s ocular anatomy, prescription and visual needs to determine the best option of contact lens wear in each individual case.  Once the best option is determined, the contact lenses are placed on the patient’s eye to evaluate the patient’s vision and the fit of the contact lens on the patient’s eye.  Our staff conducts contact lens training classes to teach new contact lens wearers how to properly insert, remove and care for their contact lenses.

Treatment and Management of Ocular Conditions

Our doctors diagnose, treat, and manage diseases of the eye.  Patients may need to visit our office in between their annual exams to evaluate conditions that arise or ongoing conditions that need to be monitored.  Our office has state-of-the-art technology to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease.  In addition, our staff provides a comfortable and caring environment for our patients seeking specialty care.

Pre- and Post-Operative Surgical Care

There are times when a patient’s vision may not be correctable with contacts or spectacle eyewear. Although surgery is a last resort, sometimes it is the only thing that will allow a patient to see clearly again. Our doctors work closely with specialists in our region, making referrals and providing pre and post-operative surgical care (LASIK, cataract, corneal, vitreo-retinal, strabismic). Our doctors will discuss your options with you and walk you through making the most informed and best decision. Once that decision is made, our doctors and staff will be with you every step of your pre-op and post-operative experience.

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