Contact Lens Fitting and Care

Contact lens technology continues to offer more opportunities to achieve clear vision without the need for glasses. We offer the most technologically advanced contact lens options available today. Your visual needs are as individualized as you are. Whether daily disposable for on-the-go, multifocal to rid the need for reading glasses, or color enhancing for a special occasion, we are here to meet your needs.


Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses are medical devices and are monitored by the FDA. Our doctors assess a patient’s ocular anatomy, prescription and visual needs to determine the best option of contact lens wear in each patient’s individual case. Once the best option is determined, the contact lenses are placed on the patient’s eye to evaluate the patient’s vision and the fit of the contact lens on the patient’s eye. Our staff conducts contact lens training classes to teach new contact lens wearers how to properly insert, remove and care for their contact lenses. The contact lenses are evaluated annually to ensure that the fit remains healthy and vision is optimal.
#16 Contact lens Fitting and Care
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Contact Lens Options

We live in an amazing time of advanced technology with more contact lens options for correcting vision than ever before. Options are available for lifestyle and need including on-the-go, travel, special occasions, sports, office and more. Our doctors and staff fit and evaluate all types of contact lenses to include:

Speciality Contact Lens Fitting

There are some eye conditions that require specialty contact lenses. Our office is one of the few that offer this service. Patients who have keratoconus or irregularly shaped corneas secondary to injury or prior surgery typically require specialty contact lens fitting and design.
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